Her Beautiful Brain

“A daring and ambitious memoir that bestows unexpected rewards on the reader.” –Seattle Times

“Unflinching, tragic and compassionate.” –Shelf Awareness

I’ve lived with the loss of my mom, and the fear of Alzheimer’s, for a long time now. I understand that I am stuck with this particular fear; yours may be cancer or heart disease. But I also understand its value: which is to continually remind me that I have no idea what the next day or decade might hold. Now is the time for me to do all that I feel called most urgently to do.

I am my mother’s daughter. Like her, I would prefer to keep traveling under my own steam and enjoying the view along the way. Like her, I would rather my brain not get all wrapped up in a big tangle of ropes. But hers did, and mine might too.

Up Next

Upcoming classes:

February 6–March 20, 2023: Memoir Writing Workshop, VIRTUAL via Seattle Central College/ Continuing Education. Six weekly classes. 5:30-7pm. Registration is open. 

May 6, 2023 at Hugo House: A 3-hour, IN-PERSON seminar: Finding Your Own True Voice. 

April–May, 2023: Introduction to Memoir Writing, IN-PERSON at Seattle Central College/Continuing Education. Six weekly classes; dates TBD. Registration opens in February 2023. 

New work: 3rd Act Magazine, Fall 2022: “Madonna Hanna: the Seed of Speed” and “Bittersweet: a Book Review.” Spring 2022: “Cultivating Compassion.


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