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Recently published:

“The Empire Builder,” Museum of Americana, Winter 2024

The Puget Sound to Pacific Trail,” 3rd Act Magazine, Spring 2024

Jennifer James on the Bittersweet Reality of Turning 80,” 3rd Act Magazine, Winter 2023/24

Shelly Parks Wants You to Get to Know Cohousing,3rd Act Magazine, Summer 2023

Memoir Writing in the Time of the Pandemic,” 3rd Act Magazine, Spring 2023

The Libraries Among Us: Meet the Famous Author and the Thousands of Researchers Who Want Your Life to be Healthy, Happy and Meaningful,” 3rd Act Magazine, Winter 2022/23 

Rev. Rick Reynolds–A Loving Presence,” 3rd Act Magazine, Winter 2022/23

Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole, by Susan Cain,” book review, 3rd Act Magazine, Fall 2022

Madonna Hanna: The Seed of Speed,” 3rd Act Magazine, Fall 2022

From Flower Power to Third Act Power,” 3rd Act Magazine, Summer 2022

“Cultivating Compassion,” 3rd Act Magazine, Spring 2022 

What Will Be Our New Normal?” 3rd Act Magazine, Winter 2021/22

Turning Bombs Into Trees,” 3rd Act Magazine, Fall 2021

Faces of SAL Partners: Ann Hedreen & Rustin Thompson,” SAL/On blog, August 2021

The Latest Science on Beating Alzheimer’s,” 3rd Act Magazine, Spring 2021

My Last Eight Thousand Days: An American Male in his Seventies, by Lee Gutkind,” book review, 3rd Act Magazine, Spring 2021

Funding Alzheimer’s Research and Fighting Stigma,” Seattle Times, January 8, 2021

Giving Voice to Alzheimer’s,” Alzheimer’s Association blog, December 2020

Pandemic Diaries, Passager Journal, November 2020

Regeneration,” About Place Journal, October 2020

Ruth,” Persimmon Tree, October 2020

Call of the Wild,” 3rd Act Magazine, Fall 2020

“Re-wired: Finding Your Midlife Passion,” by Laureen Lund, July 2020. Featured interview.

“The Transformative Power of Memoir,” Podcast, China-U.S. Women’s Foundation, May 2020.

“After the Blast,” book review, 3rd Act Magazine, Spring 2020

Alzheimer’s Long Shadow,” 3rd Act Magazine, Fall 2019

CUSWF Book Club – This Fish is Fowl: Essays on Being. A Conversation with Author Xu Xi, China-U.S. Women’s Foundation website, August 2019

A Conversation with Tia Powell, MD, about her book, Dementia Reimagined.” China-U.S. Women’s Foundation website, July 2019

Selected awards:

National Society of Newspaper Columnists, 2016: Honorable Mention, Blogs Under 100,000 unique visitors, for The Restless Nest.

Next Generation Independent Book Awards, 2016: First Place: Memoir (Overcoming Adversity/Tragedy/Challenges) for Her Beautiful Brain.

1st Annual United International Latino Film Festival, 2016: Honorable Mention, Zona Intangible.

Soul-making Keats Literary Competition, 2015: 3rd prize/Religious Essay, “The Naming of Things”


Ann Hedreen-The Writing Dream:” interview with Sally J. Fox on her Vital Presence podcast, May 2019.

Natural Legacy–Samish Bay Cheese is a labor of love,” 3rd Act Magazine, Spring 2019

Grandparents Raising Grandkids,” 3rd Act Magazine, Fall 2018

Actor Amy Thone,” 3rd Act Magazine, Summer 2018

Instructor Spotlight: Ann Hedreen, Seattle Central College website, Spring 2018

“Art and Adventure: a Recipe for Long Life,” 3rd Act Magazine, Winter 2018

Bob Nicholson Honors the Past but Lives in the Present,” 3rd Act Magazine, Fall 2017

Meet Ann Hedreen,” AlzAuthors Blog, July 12, 2017

Alene Moris is Ready for Action,” 3rd Act Magazine, Spring 2017

Snowbirds,” 3rd Act Magazine, Winter 2017

The Changing Face of Caregiving,” 3rd Act Magazine, Fall 2016

Going to the Manger as She Is,” Patheos/Good Letters, December 1, 2015

My Spinal Taps for Alzheimer’s“, Wall Street Journal, June 28, 2015

Women Authoring Change,” Hedgebrook website, June 2, 2015

Q&A with Ann Hedreen,” BookCulture blog, May 2015

“Movie Still Alice Hits Home for One Seattle Author,” NBC affiliate KING5, February 2015

“Why I Volunteer for Research,” Alzheimer’s Association blog, January 2015

“The Un-Book Tour,” SWP Behind the Book, December 2014

“Typing Class,” excerpted from Her Beautiful Brain, Crosscut, September 2014

“The End of the Nightmare,” Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, March 2014

“Northern House,” Into the Storm: Journeys with Alzheimer’s, Collin Tong, Editor. Seattle: Book Publishers Network, 2014

“The Cover,” Hedgebrook Farmhouse Table Blog, January 2014

“Patience,” MomsRising blog, April 2013

“Stepping Out of the Stream,” Minerva Rising blog, April 2013

“Doll’s House,” Hedgebrook Farmhouse Table blog, March 2013

“Arizona,” Minerva Rising, December 2012

“Laughter and Forgetting,” Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, August 2012 (winner, first place for Health & Science writing, Society of Professional Journalists/Pacific Northwest Chapter)

“If, if, if,” Courageous Creativity, May 2012

“Blue Nest,” Verbalist’s Journal, 2012

“Seward Park,” Seattle Times, Summer 2011

“Typing Class,” Pitkin Review, Spring 2008


Zona Intangible

Quick Brown Fox: An Alzheimer’s Story (winner, Women in Film’s 2006 Nell Shipman Award)

The Church on Dauphine Street: One Katrina Story

Art Without Walls: the Making of the Olympic Sculpture Park

–and many others: more information on the White Noise Productions website.